The Stairs Project

Installation at the Visual Arts Centre of Clarington, April/May 2010



The Stairs Project was an in-house program of The Visual Arts Centre of Clarington designed as an opportunity for young emerging artists and students in the community to have their work featured during an established artist's exhibition, in the space between galleries.   


Curator Maralynn Cherry provided me with the opportunity to exhibit during Judith Tinkl's exhibition; "Piece by Piece" - a collection of handmade, intricate textile quilts. It was my goal to be inspired by, and to compliment, Tinkl's work.

The installation I created was designed to make full use of the space provided to me, as well as to continue the momentum of viewers up the staircase towards the 3rd Floor Gallery.

The use of natural, found objects from the

grounds of the Centre reflected the natural landscape outside of the building, and visible from the many windows of the open loft space of the 3rd Floor Gallery, while the yarn and pin portion of the installation was reflective of the shapes present in Tinkl's

textile pieces. The graphic black prints on paper were meant to bind the natural elements and the geometric elements, while being reminiscent of the graphic nature of Tinkl's colourful quilted compositions.

-Amanda Woodcock