I have always thought of myself, first and foremost, as an artist.

Not that I ever disliked writing. Art just came more naturally as a mode of expression. 

My head has always been full; thinking, wondering, analyzing and imagining. Ideas. Memories. Desires.

Things that want out, things that need out.

Sometimes these things can be expressed visually. But sometimes, something that starts as a single image floats around in my head for too long and grows into a bigger, more complex narrative that requires words.

Poetry. Prose. Fiction or non. Whatever form it needs to take.

 Much like my visual art practice, my writing is often shaped by my interest in nostalgia, familiarity, memory, the mundane and, ultimately, moments of impact.

Heads up, I love melancholy. You've been warned.

 - A Barrett




The Black Bird, a short, non-fiction/memoir piece appeared in the second issue of The Cold Creek Review (June 2017), you can find it here:   http://www.coldcreekreview.amberdtran.com/the-black-bird/